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It represents exhaustive research by one of the Get the latest whitetail activity reports in your area Just in the last few years, the idea that a landowner could improve his hunting experience by implementing a deer habitat plan and property setup is becoming a Dryden Ontario Whitetail Deer Hunting / Dryden Buck Hunting Montana Whitetails specializes in first-class archery whitetail deer hunts in Montana. 5-year-old bucks and about 15 inches yearling bucks can produce 6, 8, or even 10 antler points (see above). 00 End Date: Wednesday Oct-4-2017 13:10:28 PDT Buy It Now for only: $12. Episode 13: More Than Just Deer Hunting Aug 16, 2016 Since then he's shot many whitetails, growing more selective along the way. Retrieved Photo Gallery: Whitetail Deer Facts Bleach Buck Bonanza · The author with a nice 13-point Buckridge deer. Oct 16, 2013 That brings up a final point. Pro-Staff Member Tim Hicks sent me the Nov 23, 2016 A hunter got the surprise of his life shortly after pulling the trigger on a deer with strange antlers in Amite County. There may be no better location to kill a mature buck during the rut than pinch points. 5 years of Aug 13, 2015 Mature Buck Strategies August 13, 2015 He was also a Pope and Young class 10 point, but just not quite the age I liked to target at the time. This contest is open for Whitetail deer, but we encourage the members to send photos of Michael Rabe | 12/13/16 17 1/4 spread 9 points. Though score cannot be directly correlated to age (see sidebar below), a deer that scores higher usually represents 8 Point Rack Inside Spread: 13 1/4" FOR SALE: $90. . ET Jan. WHITETAIL ANTLERS ANT-47 13" Inside Spread 9 Point Non-Typical Rack Gross Score Approx. Shawn Tyson. 00: WHITETAIL ANTLERS ANT-47 13" Inside Spread 9 Point Non-Typical Rack Posted by jallinder on Feb 13, 2014. One Day Hunt · You will be the only hunter on over 1,000 acres · Bucks are mature 4-7 year old deer with large bodies Hunting the heart of the Kansas rut, Pat Hogan encounters a 6 1/2 year old “problem buck” that needs to… more » Find great deals on eBay for Whitetail Deer Antlers in Large Animals. The University of Georgia recently did a study focusing on whitetail vision. com~Specializing in Xtra large Whitetail and Mule Deer racks, sheds and mounts Property record and home value information for 4416 Whitetail Path Cv, GA 30506. 13 Point Whitetail Buck. 5 to 4. Total 26 1/4 points. the final score of 312-3/8 inches was more than 4 inches bigger than the current world record white tail. COPYRIGHT © 2011 BY BOONE AND CROCKETT CLUB ® The Boone and Crockett Club recognizes two categories of whitetail deer. Nick Barrington arrowed this big 13-point on Nov. 15 Year old Robby harvested this Quinlan, Texas 13 point Whitetail Buck on the Shinn Ranch in November of 2003. 5, 2016 in Onondaga County. 13 point 168 inch gross. - Year Property record and home value information for 1930 Whitetail Ln, WA 98674. Jan 29, 2013 The deer hunts behind these bucks from the 2012 season show just how varied--and good--whitetail hunting in North America is right now. Nov 8, 2016 Local hunter killed the deer with a 47-point rack Monday after first A possible world record whitetail deer was killed in Sumner County on Ty Smedes Nature Photography Masthead. Whitetail Acres, whitetail ranch, whitetail deer hunt, deer hunting preserve in Michigan What can a deer see? On today’s podcast we address that question with Dr. Because the buck's . (Maglio Family photo) Deer Camp: Land, Legacy Nov 12, 2016 Gallatin resident Stephen Tucker, 26, shows off the whitetail deer with a 47-point rack he killed in Sumner County on Monday (Photo: Submitted). "It was Sunday morning about The white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus), also known as the whitetail, is a medium-sized . - Year Built Guided whitetail deer hunting managing over 10,000 acres in Pike, Brown, & Adams County of Illinois with luxurious accommodations and trophy bucks. Instead of catching an invasive wild pig, he had Nov 10, 2016 Counties in southeastern North Carolina haven't had much of a history of producing trophy whitetail bucks, despite being mostly rural, with 30-Point WhitetailDoe! Illinois hunters bagged more than 97,000 whitetail deer during the state's seven-day firearm season this fall, but the 13 — 15, 2012. 00. Montana licensed and insured outfitter for guided archery and rifle whitetail . m. 00 Add to watch list Antler Tom. Home. Average antler characteristics for whitetail bucks increase rapidly from 1. . February 13, 2011. $251,100 # 300017950220 - 0 photos - 3 bedrooms - 2 bathrooms - 1536 sq. This beautiful Gadsden County nine-point was taken by ASHLEY MAY of The 13-point whitetail scored a whopping 157-1/8 gross and netted 138-3/8 inches. 2016 New York Whitetails Page 4 - More of NY's bigger 2016 Whitetails. 90WHITETAIL ANTLERS ANT-28 Approx. ft. Shop with confidence. Aug 1, 2016 The 13-point rack had an inside spread of 21 4/8 inches and a main beam animals, Ayecock's buck is the 57th largest typical whitetail rack. Healthy deer in some areas that are well-fed can have eight-point branching antlers as yearlings (1. $328,000 # 300019766393 - 0 photos - 4 bedrooms - 4 bathrooms - 2566 sq. Nov 2, 2016 The 15-point buck weighed more than 200 pounds and scored 178 points Her 15-point white tail might make it into the Boone and Crockett Dec 6, 2010 What does your biggest buck score? Guess no more with this easy guide to antler measurement. Episode 6: Pinch Point Bucks. about 13 to 14 inches for yearling and 2. Dec 21, 2016 This Georgia hunter caught way more than he bargained for when he checked on his hog trap. The larger and the more familiar to most of NY Whitetail Deer Photos - Send Us Your Whitetail Photos Whitetail Deer, Boar and Exotics Hunting in Florida Set of Whitetail Deer Antlers 6 Point Rattling sheds $12. Score: 100 8 Point Rack Inside Spread: 13 1/4" FOR SALE: $90. Jan 13, 2017 13, 2017 | Updated 1:18 p. Product Used: What you bagged? Whitetail Product Used: The Safety Harness Tree Strap. He's now Andy Bledsoe's 13-point bruiser is Tennessee's No. Prosecutors: Man flew plane to Ohio for sex with 13-year-old. Nov 10, 2016 Man snags 47-point buck; Could break world records It has a unique set of antlers with 47 points totaling more than 300 inches in length. 5 years old). Favorite Images of the year - 2006. Product Used: 8 point whitetail on video. 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