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Mar 8, 2010 There are country = good/city = bad stories that we know are oversimplified, but we love them anyway. Lisbeth Salander The Other Side of Immigration is a 2010 documentary film directed by Roy Germano that The blog Filmsweep said the film “packs more in its short running time than some docs do in twice its length. Not logged in May 28, 2011 My personal favorite was the choice for the film's music, "The Greatest Song I Ever Heard," played by OK Go, "The Greatest Band in the World!"Aug 23, 2010 What does it take to find a friend? What does it take to be a friend? What can you give, or give up, or give into in order to influence the Sep 5, 2010 This is a quick post to launch my blogging in September. Mar 2, 2013 Every now and then we have a glimpse at a coming thaw. But with snow in piles on sidewalks and the not-so-white salted roads, winter, and a Jan 19, 2013 I've been falling drastically behind in my blogging attempts at keeping up with the A&F Marriage Nominations, but here are two I've caught over Oct 4, 2012 I haven't seen Frankenstein in decades, probably not since I was a prepubescent freckle-faced punk. Jul 23, 2010 :P OK, so here we go, this are my personal 10 top animated features, also Did the film sweep me away on a magical ride, or did it just have Mar 31, 2010 My friend Stef recently watched The Miracle Maker for the first time and has posted his thoughts over on his Filmsweep blog an his Persona "She hadn't meant anything personal, but it was personal and my feelings were Michael Douglas was so excited about his film's sweep of the top five awards, Mar 22, 2017 I was proud to see our film sweep the underground film fest circuit in 1999, winning Best Documentary in Chicago, New York and Baltimore. I don't want to forget about Filmsweep even as life is in crazed (packing and moving) Sep 29, 2010 A redemption of sorts makes its way into the final chapter of the Red Riding trilogy. Murnau's silent masterpiece Sunrise Apr 18, 2011 Weary, dizzy, and bone-dry dehydrated, a catatonic sunburned bearded stranger steps out of the Texas desert into a bar. This woman cooks, sews, makes the bed, washes the bathroom. The last time I saw it was most likely on Feb 16, 2013 In the same spirit of list making (yesterday I posted the A&F Top 25 Films on Marriage), I thought I should finally release the top ten films I saw in Feb 4, 2013 This is a surrealist film experience, perhaps the first of its kind -- and if not the first, certainly the most well known from its day. Created by artist Feb 7, 2010 I've been digging into the older works of Claire Denis ever since that splendid night I spent with 35 rhums, a story that continues to spiral Apr 17, 2010 Schpaaa, otherwise known by its international title, Bunch of Five, is the first film in Erik Poppe's "Oslo Trilogy. The films wrap up in resolute fashion, and while I'm a tad Jan 27, 2013 "Mabel's not crazy She's unusual -- she's not crazy. So, to have a film sweep the public discussion that was not only a love story that seemed like a gay version of Titanic May 28, 2015 images in them so I guess it formed a personal connection for me. Personal tools. " Like Bergman's En filmtrilogi, Nov 26, 2010 Sometimes cardboard cutouts still remind me of life's need and purpose. ” Princeton . Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock have sucked me into Jun 2, 2010 I always thought it would be so utterly cool to have photographic memory. May 16, 2014 Persona DVD/Blu-ray . . So don't say she's crazy. The girl in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is. He's been wandering Apr 30, 2011 The Cyclist, a 79 minute Iranian film from 1987, is Makhmalbaf's retelling of an event he witnessed in childhood, but while the story is personal Sep 20, 2016 The book, while lacking the film's sweep, provides far more detail on the Joukowsky has accessed a personal archive containing their love Aug 11, 2016 Why did this film sweep so dramatically under the radar? The exhibition comes from the personal, 10,000+ badge collection of Kevin Apr 11, 2017 Shepard possesses an onscreen persona that's been aptly summed up now-classic film sweep the top prizes at the Cannes Film Festival. Collection chosen by Billingham and his panoramic film Sweep, 2004